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I would like to welcome you to the Official Web Site of the Eagle Creek Volunteer Fire Department.  I hope you find the site informative and interesting.

I take great pride and honor in introducing you to our department.  We no doubt have some of the most dedicated and talented firefighters in the area.  Our department has improved in all areas in the last couple of years.  The reasons for improvement vary, but without the dedication and hard work of the firefighters none of it would have happen.

We have received two grants that made a substantial impact on our abilities to improve the fire service in our area.  With no steady form of revenue this extra money allowed us to do some things that probably would not have happen on our normal budget. We were able to partially refurbish a 1974 model pumper.  This pumper later became a Certified Class A pumper.  A first for the Eagle Creek Volunteer Fire Department.  We were able to equip this truck to ISO standards, which later led to us lower the ISO rating in our community.

The ISO rating change was a major accomplishment for the firefighters at Eagle Creek.  Lots of hard work went into the preparations necessary to have the ISO inspection.  The results of that hard work resulted in a split 6/9 rating.  This is already benefiting residents in the community.  This ISO rating is as good and better than a lot of neighboring departments that have more revenue.

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to contact us.  Our department is dedicated to providing the best possible fire protection and rescue services that our resources allow.  Any help or assistance in any form is greatly appreciated.

May God continue to bless us all!


  Jason Moran







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